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Terms and conditions of use

These conditions are considered the signed contract between the two parties (Company and Subscriber (If any of our services or products is requested.
Therefore please read this carefully to validate the agreement between you and Fox Hosted Company, and you must abide by the terms of this Agreement which describe the terms and conditions pursuant to which you may access and use the services provided by the company.

Fox Hosted Responsibilities:

  1. Fox Hosted is obligated to periodically provide backup copies for the websites hosted on its servers. But it will not be responsible for any loss of websites data. Knowing that we are providing making backup services for free for our clients through the control panel and if the client requested any of his website available backup copy; he shall pay an amount of 30 Dollars or equivalent in local currency.
  2. Fox Hosted is obligated to provide an appropriate environment to run the websites on its servers and it is responsible for repair any malfunction affects servers but that technical support does not include the installed software on subscribers’ spaces.
  3. Fox Hosted Company doesn’t provide technical support through direct chat window or through telephone as they are specialized for sales only and (in case of facing any problem) the subscribers shall directly open a technical support card in the members’ area.
  4. Hosting and domains shall be prepared upon the payment receipt in a period not exceeding 60 minutes.
  5. Any attempt to backdoor Fox Hosted servers or any of your clients’ websites through your website ; this will lead to delete your account permanently without getting your due amounts back and it could lead to litigation as well.

Hosted websites on our servers will be stopped and prevented for the following reasons:

  1. Publishing any type of pornography, either read or audible or visible or linking the site to external sites containing such material.
  2. Publishing materials that incite crime or linking the site to external sites containing such material.
  3. Using the hosted sites on Fox Hosted servers to attempt to damage other sites or distribute damaging files or viruses.
  4. Using virtual hosting plans or hosting distribution plans to distribute free spaces for the internet users.
  5. Using the hosting space to keep the sites’ backup copies.
  6. Publishing materials that contain copyright after pirating them without taking official permission from the authority that reserves the rights of the production of such material, such as music, software, video or pictures.
  7. Using host spaces in publishing Proxy.
  8. Sending spam messages
  9. In case of any dispute between the client and one concerned property rights’ authority; Fox Hosted will be entitled to stop the site or client sites without any liability on Fox Hosted.
  10. In case of cancellation services as a result of any violations of conditions of use; contravener will lose the right to claim any rights.

Annual subscriptions’ renewal system and reimbursement for services:

  1. The client is responsible for the renewal date, knowing that we will send e-mails to the e-mail addresses determined by the client in this contract and the client is responsible for the renewing without any liability on Fox Hosted and the hosted websites’ administration shall pay all the due amounts on schedule, and in case of delaying in paying the due amounts ; Fox Hosted company will be entitled to suspend these sites temporarily for three days and in case of not paying during this period ; the company is entitled to cancel these sites and the company will not be obligated to save or return the canceled sites’ files to its owners.
  2. Fox Hosted Company doesn’t support any services for the outstanding or canceled accounts as a result of unpaid bills.
  3. If a client didn’t pay for any service provided by Fox Hosted; the company will stop and cancel other provided services registered in that client’s name temporarily for three days and in case of not paying these due amounts during this period; the company is entitled to cancel these sites and the company will not be obligated to save or return the canceled sites’ files to its owners.
  4. In case of the client’s wish to withdraw the hosting service or to sell his website; he is obligated to notify Fox Hosted in writing and provide us with the real and accurate data of the new owner.
  5. We are entitled to edit the plans’ prices and the provided services on our site anytime but this amendment does not apply to sites that have been booked prior to the amendment.

Other Restrictions:

  1. The site administration shall contact Fox Hosted Company before subscription if the content of the site is political, religious, belongs to a party or a political organization to inform them with the materials’ quality which will be published on its servers.
  2. It is not allowed to use Fox Hosted servers in hosting racism or sectarianism sites or sites are discriminatory based on gender, race or reported sites.
  3. If the site needs installing special software or has special requirements for working ; the site’s administration shall discuss these requirements with Fox Hosted Company before subscription and the Company is not obligated to provide these requirements in case of subscribing without discussing and agreement on them.
  4. The site’s administration shall keep the confidentiality of the space’ access data and not to enable any other not trusted party to access the site control panels or to contact the server through FTP protocol, and in case if the site administration’s wish to provide another party with the control panels data; they shall inform the technical support team before the access permission .knowing that control panel access data are sent only for registered e-mail address in the contract.
  5. In case of libel or defamation of Fox Hosted Company in any form, by any means or for any reason; the company will be entitled to cancel services or licenses without prior notice and the contravener will lose the right to claim any rights. Instead, the user can (in case of dispute) to go to one of the legal entities in his country.
  6. Conditions related to domains names:
  7. The company doesn’t support registering service, transferring or renewing the domains which have political, sectarian or racial meaning.
  8. Fox Hosted Company provide tutorials to explain the control panel use through its site as that the technical support doesn’t include training of using the control panel or administrating the client’s site.
  9. In case of the client’s request of transferring the domain or the host; the client shall pay for administrative expenses which are 30 Dollars or equivalent in local currency.
  10. We are entitled to contact all of our clients regularly.

Conditions related to designing and site programming:

  • Designing or programming work will be started after receiving half the amount agreed upon. And the site will be operating only after paying the rest of agreed amount and after checking the site by the client.
  • The work will be displayed to the client during the work phase where the client can suggest amendments. And any amendment after finishing the main idea will be considered as a new work.
  • The paid amounts are nonrefundable upon agreement on design or programming and its details.
  • The design will contain link of design or programming copyright which can’t absolutely be removed, and in case of removing it; a penalty with an amount of 100 Dollars or equivalent in local currency shall be paid.
  • Upon the client’s consent that Fox Hosted will make the design of its own site; the client will be obligated to provide all photos, data and special content for the site and that he is totally committed in front of all regulators and international agreements related to copyrights and that he is the first and sole responsible for the content of his site.

Disputes and disagreements:

This agreement is a binding contract to all users of the company’s services and the client hereby agrees and acknowledges his approval of its terms.
In case of any violation made by the client; this agreement will be presented to The Egyptian Judiciary or Egyptian Foreign to decide in any dispute between the client and the company.

Policy change and editing

The company reserves the right to update the conditions of use anytime without consulting to subscribers and the subscribers shall periodically review this page to check the updates.
Terms and conditions which are updated apply to all current and former subscribers in the company’s services.

Note very important : To all clients

allert-foxhostedAs of 01/01/2015 are accountable to all the customers the US dollar, according to prices listed to us

If the customer wants to transfer its own site to another company
Has to start in the transport procedures before the end of the annual subscription least one month


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